Sleepy with Snapple

Not gonna lie.  So dang tired right now.  D got up at a little after 5 am (which means I got up a little after 5 am), I scrubbed the main living areas of our home, I did laundry, and I did a few dishes.  I also attempted to fix our vacuum cleaner, which did not go so well.  Imagine a cartoonish puff of dust rising into my face.  Then I ended the night with a jewelry show.  

I had fun and got so much accomplished.  It was gratifying, really, but also exhausting.  So there was little time or motivation to be really creative with today’s new thing.  

On my way home from tonight’s jewelry show, I pulled into a gas station because I was really thirsty.  I had a half hour drive home and needed something to wet my whistle, so to speak.  In this case, I browsed the aisles for anything new to me.  And I found it.  Green tea Snapple.  I’ve had green tea, but never from Snapple.  This was a quick, easy, painless and the Snapple wasn’t too bad, either.  



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