Awarded In An Art Show – Day 101

Tonight I attended our annual middle school arts festival.  Our county only has 7th ad 8th grade in our middle schools.  Therefore, it is the first time E has been eligible to participate.  He had two drawings on display and one was awarded honorable mention for the colored pencils category.  These are the ones on display: ImageImage  Another proud mama moment!  Too bad he wasn’t there to accept his award.  Wake is playing at UNC this weekend and he went with the team.

Since the husband and E are out of town with the baseball team, I had to take D with me to the arts festival.  He did so well.  It all started with our all-county middle school band concert.  D was mesmerized by the loud music.  He kept trying to dodge heads so he could see the teen musicians.

After the band, the art winners were announced.  That was followed by the all-county chorus.  D made it through the visual art winners.  He just couldn’t keep it together through the chorus so we left a little early.  All in all,  he displayed pretty good behavior.  A good night.  Got to see some students perform, got to see my son’s art work, and had a mostly quiet evening with D.


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