All Work and No Play Makes Laura a Dull Mom – Day 99

Today was one of those rare days when all the family was home before sunset.  For the last few months things have been so hectic with sports, church, school, jewelry, etc that it is rare for all of us to be home for dinner — especially on a weeknight.

Normally with all this running, after dinner all I want to do is sit on the couch, watch D play, and watch tv.  But that was not on the agenda for this evening.

After dinner, E, D, and I went outside and played in our back yard.  D was in a terrible mood so I thought going outside would help things.  And it did … temporarily. The three of us kicked around one of his balls in the yard pretending to play soccer.  The boys took a few tumbles but it was fun.

After kicking the ball around and chasing it in the yard, D realized for the first time we have a swing set.  When E was young my parents got him this swing set for his birthday.  He played and played on it until he broke quite a few things on it.  There was a canoe-looking swing that two people could ride.  He broke the foot holders on it.  There are three swings.  He broke the seat in half on one of those.  There are a few dings in other places on it, as well.  He gave up playing on it years ago.

D has just never noticed it as we don’t usually play in the backyard and it is located toward the back of our property.  Tonight when he spied it for the first time, he took off running for it yelling “lide” “lide”…which is toddler speech for slide.

He tried climbing the ladder to get on the slide with no success, so I lifted him up and placed him at the top.  He slid down much more quickly than he or I expected landing with a “thump” on his backside.  He looked directly at his brother and then me waiting to see our reaction before determining if he would laugh or cry.  He laughed and ran to attempt climbing up that ladder again.  Again, he was unsuccessful, but I lifted him up and he slid down with another “thump” .  Again he paused, not sure what the appropriate reaction was, and then giggled.  This continued a few times until my arms were tired from lifting him.  Then I told him no more and tried to turn his attention back to the red ball.  It was useless.  Temper tantrum, I knew you were going to make an appearance this evening.


One thought on “All Work and No Play Makes Laura a Dull Mom – Day 99

  1. you have so much great information in your blog. I struggle to get much reading time but I know I can learn plenty from you, Thank you so much and greetings… 🙂

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