All The Things That Could Go Badly – Day 98


Admittedly sometimes my “new” experiences cause me a little anxiety beforehand.  Perhaps anxiety is too strong a word….let’s say I do sometimes get nervous in anticipation of a day or two’s new thing.  Today is one of those times.

Today E had another golf match.  My husband had baseball practice so he was going to arrive to the competition late.  This led me to a new thing you may not expect:  driving a golf cart.  I know.  It seems unlikely as much as my husband and son enjoy golf and have played, but I have never rented and driven a golf cart.  I have ridden in a cart while my husband drove, but I’ve never been behind the wheel.

Honestly I have a terrible habit of considering the worst possible outcome ever in hypothetical situations.  I fight it with every ounce of my being.  I yearn to be effortlessly positive, but I am not.  I have to work at it some days….especially in the face of the unknown.  So you can only imagine how my mind would go wild at the idea of getting behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle for the first time.  Sure, it probably can’t go over 20 mph, but there’s no seatbelts people.

I could imagine hitting the gas unaware that I had not removed the parking break……or maybe mistakenly believing I had engaged the parking break when I had not and having the golf cart roll down a hill into the water hazard…..or having the cart in reverse without realizing it…..or maybe something like this: Image

I got into the golf cart and had to wait 20 minutes or so until the competition began.  I used that time to read the safety placard on the front of the cart.  It didn’t help my mindset to read in bold letters:  “Please read and follow all safety precautions to reduce the risk of serious injury or death.”  Great.  I’ve just moved from embarrassing mishaps to decapitation.  Nice.

The time came for the match to begin.  E was on the 10th hole.   I turned the key and followed the directions on the safety placard.  I disengaged the parking brake and slowly touched the gas.  The huge take off that throws my head back and leaves me with a horrible case of whiplash, thankfully, did not happen.  No rolling down hills, no driving into bunkers, and best of all….no decapitation.  That really would have put a damper on the day.



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