This Explains Why Drinking and Driving Is a Bad Idea – Day 97


Tonight after meeting up with some friends for dinner, I decided to go to McDonalds for a cup of coffee.  I had planned to try their caramel mocha for today’s new thing.  I ordered it and began sipping.

It was tasty.  A enjoyed the contrast of the cool whipped cream against the hot coffee.  The coffee had a nice sweetness from the flavoring, but I was disappointed to again taste what I can only describe as a burned flavor in the java.  I’ve had a number of coffees from McD’s and I believe they must over-roast their beans because there’s always a burned after taste punching through the nutty, bitter flavor of the coffee.  Disappointing, but there are worse things.  

I bought it.  I was determined to drink it all and check off day 97.  However, as I am driving down the road, I inadvertently experience a different new thing.  After taking another sip of my coffee, I was placing the cup into my cup holder.  The bottom hit my gear shift and boom!  The cup flipped out of my hand landing in the floorboard of my car as I am driving.  

Just out of curiosity….did I happen to mention I was wearing my favorite sweater boots?  The sweater boots I cannot wear in the rain because they are made of sweater material and offer no protection from rain?  Guess what?  They don’t offer any protection from flying caramel mochas, either.  

Let me draw a mental picture for you:  my cup nearly totally full of hot caramel mocha, upside down pouring out coffee into the floorboard of my car soaking into my sweater boots and I’m driving around 70 mph on a major highway with little shoulder.  Yep.  It’s safe to say this has never happened before tonight.

I pulled over onto the miniature shoulder of the road hitting my hazard lights, praying that Jesus would protect me from the idiots that drive 80 mph while reading their texts.  Fortunately there was a towel and a sweatshirt in my back seat which I used to soak up what I could from the floorboard.  I took off my boot and sock allowing my foot to dry out the rest of the way home.  

Thankfully, I was able to make it home without further incident.  Perhaps the idea of avoiding drinking and driving should be expanded to include all drinks and not just alcoholic beverages.


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