Confessional Time: I Play Favorites – Day 94

It comes as no surprise to anyone reading my blog regularly that faith is important to me.  And how is my faith strengthened?  Through prayer, worship, and studying the Bible.  Nothing even remotely shocking about that.  However, I have a few confessions to make tonight.  

First, I don’t read my Bible nearly as much as I should.  Truthfully, there have been months that have gone by when I have not even cracked that cover open for just a glance.  But I am really trying to do better.  One of the best tools I’ve ever gained with this is adding a free Bible app to my phone.  It offers tons of translations, it’s always accessible, it has audio files so it can read it to you, and it has tools to highlight and add notes.  I take it to church weekly now rather than my paper filled an leather cover Bible.  Plus I often play it so I can listen to it while I’m in the car driving from place to place.  I love that feature.

However, even with this easier accessibility, I find myself returning to the same books.  This brings me to my next confession: I show intense favoritism toward certain books of the Bible.  

When left to my own devices, I will read the New Testament again and again.  Even more specifically, I will read Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, and James over and over.  If I do happen to read the Old Testament, it is usually limited to Proverbs.  

That’s why devotions are good for me.  These guide me to read passages throughout the Bible rather than showing such intense partiality.  Today’s devotion led me to today’s first which is a bit embarrassing as a Christian.

I have never read Zechariah.  Ever.  I can’t remember a single time I have even looked in this book.  Perhaps with the 3 million times I’ve been inside a church and the religion classes I took in college, I have at some point been exposed to a sermon or lecture with its basis in Zechariah, but I can’t remember it.  Today, however, that changed.

Today’s devotion used a scripture reference from Zechariah.  I read the verse when it dawned on me just how little I knew of this book.  So I read more.  I am not even close to being a Biblical scholar, but I can say I’ve at least read part of Zechariah now.


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