Savoring Moments – Day 93

Today was so hectic.  From the moment I got up, I was running.  Late for school this morning, as soon as school was over ran E to golf practice, then to the store, then back to the school for a meeting, then run to daycare to pick up D, then home for dinner, then back to the golf course to pick up E, then finally a hair appointment.  Really.  That was my day.

It was running, running, running for me.  I tried to savor the moments I had in the car since they felt like my only time to decompress.  I used the time to change my mindset and consider how lucky and blessed I am to have a full calendar, transportation, a family, a job, and money to buy food and gas.  However, it didn’t change the fact that I felt hurried all day.  

I was so looking forward to my hair appointment as an opportunity to rest and chat it up with my lovely and hilarious hairdresser.  It’s great when your hairdresser is your friend because you leave looking good and feeling good.  

I was her last appointment for the evening so we took a minute to sit at the table in the back of her shop.  It was nice.  Quiet, perfect temperature, relaxing.  At first I thought of how I needed to hurry off again to get home.  I thought of how I needed to be helping put D to bed, seeing that E did his homework, on and on and on the mental list would go.  

Then, my hairdresser began telling me stories about her mother who passed away several years ago.  I knew her mother, but didn’t know her well.  As she told me one story after another and gave me a better idea of the person she was, I began to lose track of the checks on my to do list.  I began focusing on learning more about my friend’s mother…about the person who had left a vacuum and a hole in the heart of her loved ones upon her death.  And I could understand why.  

My friend shared funny stories, shared how her mother remembered such special details, about the precious and magical marriage her parents had.  She talked about their last days together.  I sat and took it all in like a sponge soaks up liquid.  And as I listened to story after story, I felt like I knew this person better.  And I realized in the hustle and bustle of life we find ourselves hurrying from place to place and person to person.  However, life can only be enjoyed by savoring moments like the one I had this evening with my friend and hairdresser.  It was through spending savory moments with her mother she was able to live out moments that became the stories that were shared tonight.  

How to define tonight’s first?  Well, it could be the obvious I sat outside and had a half hour or more long conversation with my hairdresser after getting my hair cut and styled.  However, I think it would be more accurate to say for the first time I had a real idea of who this wonderful mother, wife, employee, friend, and person was thanks to the stories her daughter shared with me.


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