Unscramble the Words – Day 91

Can you unscramble these words?  aubogl, neryud, krayct, oescj, fmmuy…. that was the task set before two of my classes today. Image


I have approximately 5 minutes between my students getting into class and going to lunch.  Five minutes is not enough time to be superproductive, if I’m going to be honest.  Therefore, I sometimes have short little bellringer activities for the students to do before we head to lunch.  This was the bellringer for today.

It was also the first time I’ve played an April Fools prank on students.  There is no answer to this activity.  The letters cannot be manipulated to make logical words.  I figured some of my students would spend that entire 5 minutes trying and trying and trying to find words that don’t exist.  The joke was on me.

After a few minutes a number of my students put their pencils down.  I said, “Have you finished your assignment?”  To which one or two responded, “Yes.”  I walked over to view their paper and saw this: words


I said, “What is nuerdy?”

She said, “That’s how we say nerdy around here.”

Geez. Really?!  I suppose I asked for that.

I continued to tell her these were not words.  I then explained to the class this was my April Fools Day prank on them.  However, obviously, the prank was on me.  The class did not find the humor in it.  They spent the rest of the afternoon explaining how lame and nuerdy my prank was.


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