Recap for March


March is over?  How did that happen?  Where did the time go?  April has snuck up on me.  

Before I move onto April, here’s a recap of all my March firsts:

1.  Scare lady at drive thru window with my mannequin

2.  Have a dance party with D

3.  Meditate

4.  Attempt a handstand.  (Noticed I said attempted, not completed.)

5.  Attended our church’s Ash Wednesday healing service

6.  Watched trailer for remake of “Annie”

7.  Threw out shoes and socks in the shoe store

8.  Went to a baseball game at Georgia Tech and met up with a college friend for coffee

9.  Ate at The Varsity with the family

10.  Unpacked and packed in the same day

11.  Toured Unifi and drove all night on a bus

12.  Attended a photography class and the Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot

13.  Tried Tofutti dessert (yum!) and watched the fireworks show at Magic Kingdom

14.  Rode the Rock n Roller Coaster and the Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios (ugh….my stomach is flipping just thinking about it)

15.  Slept more hours than I was awake

16.  Began reading Blue Like Jazz  (still reading it; March was a crazy month with little spare time as you can see)

17.  Made jello cookies

18.  Presented at the North Carolina Middle Level Education conference

19.  Had my students participate in a self-control activity with their cell phones

20.  Watched E participate in the school’s first golf match

21.  Taught in heels (NEVER again!)

22.  No soda all day

23.  Total rest on Sunday (great; you should do it, too!)

24.  Watched “The Fleet’s In”

25.  Made glazed carrots

26.  Left a bigger than average tip for a waitress

27.  Watched the trailer for the upcoming movie “The Maze Runner” and showed it to my class

28.  Tried Argo Hibiscus Tea (the more I think about it, the less I like it)

29.  Was the first to drive my parents’ new car home

30.  Grocery shopping at 9:30 pm

31.  DIY face wash of honey and baking soda and a toner of apple cider vinegar (I woke up with my face hurting and red.  Do NOT attempt this one if you have sensitive skin like I do.)

What an awesome month!  Here’s hoping April is just as fun…..


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