Catch More Flies With Honey Than Vinegar, But I’ll Use Both – Day 90

Today I attempted another DIY facial cleaner.  I found it here:  I washed my face using a mix of honey and baking soda.  Then I rinsed and used apple cider vinegar as a toner.

Ouch.  This was not for those with sensitive skin or rosecea. I think everything would have been okay minus the baking soda.  My face felt like sandpaper was being rubbed over it.

Another drawback, it was easier said than done to get the honey and baking soda off my face.  Honey – obviously sticky – I should’ve seen that problem coming.

Once my face was cleaned and the vinegar toner was used, my face did feel great.  It was soft to the touch and felt tight without being dried out.  I used the baking soda mix on my lips and my lips felt perfect.  I suppose it was not pleasant in the process, but the end result was nice.  But how does it make my skin look? I think my skin looks more red and angry than I had hoped, but I’ll let you judge.  After all this daily new challenge is helping me become more comfortable with the no make up look.



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