Butt Warmers Should Be Standard Features – Day 88

Today I spent a good part of the day with my parents.  They bought a car from a dealership out of town and I went with them to pick it up.  My dad asked if I wanted to drive it home.  Of course!

My car is 10 years old.  I love my car, but I am ready for a new one.  I would love to have one with a bit more room, with a moonroof, with a beautiful shiny exterior and leather interior that has a butt warmer.  Oh, and radio controls on the steering wheel.  I want that, too.

No, I’m not a prima donna.  I’m not expecting too much.  This is all possible.  I know, because my parents have it in theirs.  Yes, a butt warmer in the seat.

So on the way home from getting their new car, guess who was the first person to drive it?  Me.  Pretty awesome, indeed.



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