Self-Proclaimed Snob – Day 87

Tonight’s first: Image


If I’m going to be honest, I’m a bit of a tea snob.  Others may not believe that.  You may picture a tea snob as one who understands the differences between white tea and green tea.  Perhaps a tea snob would only drink oolong tea or they understand where to purchase good rooibos tea.  Admittedly, I do not.  However, I am particular.

Sometimes I’ll prepare some hot herbal tea and add honey to it before bed.  I don’t love it, but I believe it is good for me and helps me sleep.  I hate unsweetened tea.  What’s the point of that?  No, I need sweet tea – Southern sweet tea.  Did you notice I used the word “need”.  It was not a mistake.

My sweet tea needs just the right degree of sweetness.  Many restaurants make it too sweet and it’s like drinking sugar water…..much too sweet.  However, without enough sugar, it is just like unsweetened tea….bitter and boring.  That’s why I’m a self-proclaimed tea snob.  I am quite particular about it.

Tonight I was at the convenience store and I found Argo bottled tea.  I reached for the hibiscus tea sangria flavor knowing this was far from anything I had tried before.  It had hints of orange, berry, hibiscus, and apple.

Once I got to my car I opened the glass bottle and immediately smelled hints of flower and perfume.  I had a hard time focusing on the flavor of the tea due to the fragrance.  When I could will my nose to not smell and only depend on my tastebuds, it was a pleasant flavor.  However, the scent was a bit overwhelming.  It’s hard to isolate the flavor with the floral smell.  In fact, I was so focused on this that I couldn’t make out the fruit flavors in the tea.

I tried it, but I could not bring myself to drink the entire bottle.  I think I’ll stick to my Southern sweet tea.



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