Let’s Go To The Movies — Day 85

Image This is one of the still photos released from Twentieth Century Fox from the upcoming movie The Maze Runner.  According to the website http://www.imdb.com, it was taken by Ben Rothstein.

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was when I heard this movie was coming to theatres.  A few years ago I was introduced to the novel by my school’s media specialist.  It was one of many books on a nominee list for a young adult book award.  When she talked it up to the class, I was immediately intrigued as I am with most YA dystopian novels.  I secured a copy of the book and devoured it.

It is a bit confusing in the beginning as it takes some time for the author to establish the premise and setting for things.  Additionally, there are many unanswered questions because the memories of the characters have been erased.

Earlier this year I was searching for a novel I could read aloud to my students and I discovered this one would be made into a movie and released in 2014.  Students love seeing a novel come to life on the big screen.  Those novels that have been adapted into movies have seen such popularity such as Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Lightning Thief.  Therefore, I guessed this book and its series would be a popular choice.

My students are enjoying it.  However, I am quickly learning that some of my students have difficulty visualizing what they read in a book.  Obviously, this can make comprehension difficult. Today I looked up the official trailer for the movie and watched it.  It was just released recently.  I thought showing it to students would provide them some excitement about what is yet to come in the plot, would allow them to predict future events, and provide them the visual their minds may not have yet generated.  I was right.  Additionally, some students were already able to point out differences from the book.

Today’s first:  watching the preview for the movie The Maze Runner and showing it to my students.

The movie isn’t released until September, but my students are already excited to see it.  I’m excited they are enjoying the book!


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