The Multiple Choice Quiz of the Bible – Day 82


When I think of the 10 commandments, it’s easy for me to pat myself on the back.  No murder?  Easy.  No stealing?  Got that one covered.  No adultery?  Yay, me!  Honor your mother and father?  I get better at that as I age.  Rest on the Sabbath?  Ouch.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I am a teacher.  I am also a jewelry lady, a mom, a wife, and so much more.  As is the case for most women I know, the work is never done.  Seven days with 24 hours just aren’t enough to fit everything in much less trying to manage it all in six days.  But this week is different.  Today I made the conscientious effort to truly rest on Sunday.

I realize everyone defines work differently.  For me that means no school work (making lesson plans, grading papers, etc), no jewelry work (making phone calls, writing notes, ordering supplies), no housework (laundry, dishes, cleaning), and no grocery shopping.  I have looked forward to this all week.

How did I fill my day?  Church, lunch, a nap, television, playing with D, and internet surfing.  Later tonight my plans include more television, putting D to sleep, reading, and giving myself a manicure (no crazy Pinterest-inspired ideas, by the way).  Ahhh… sounds like heaven.

Wanna know something nuts?  It’s actually been hard to resist the urge to do work.  With all the technology available to us, it is really challenging to disconnect and rest.  As a teacher, my students can correspond with me anytime.  Their opportunities to learn do not end at 3 pm Friday, but that also means my job as a teacher doesn’t end at 3 pm Friday.  I want to be available all the time anytime for my students, but is that really a good thing?  And how arrogant am I to think the world simply will not function if I take a day off?

While on the internet and without even realizing it, I found myself sending texts to jewelry customers.  Of course, jewelry is more like fun to me than work, but that doesn’t matter.  It’s still work.  Oops.  The family really needs clean clothes.  Is it bad that I asked my husband to wash clothes so I didn’t break my own Sabbath?  And I have to load and run the dishwasher or D will not have any sippy cups for daycare tomorrow.  But that’s it.  That’s all the work I’m doing today.  Not quite perfection, but it’s a start.

I’m just as guilty as anyone at picking and choosing which portions of the Bible suit me and which I’d like to overlook, but the 10 commandments are not optional.  It’s not God’s multiple choice quiz where I get to choose the best answer to accommodate my life. They are commandments, and I’m going to attempt to do better with this one.



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