This First Is a Painful One – Day 80

I’ve always believed that when you look good, you feel good.  I’m not sure if today proved or disproved that theory.  Today I taught in high heels.  That was a first….and if I have my way, it will be a last.  

Like many women, I love great shoes.  Funky, colorful, comfy, dressy….I love them all.  The more years I teach, the more I focus on comfort when it comes to the shoes in which I teach.  I have some gorgeous ruby red pumps that I adore and some classy black stilettos that rock, but these and my other heels are reserved for special occasions. Tennis shoes, sweater boots, bronze loafers, black flats, and red Toms look-alikes make up my work shoe wardrobe.  

As a teacher whose classroom is at the tip end of the school’s hallway, I spend so much time walking during the day.  Even if I never left my classroom, so much of my time is spent on my feet as I monitor students during and between classes so comfortable shoes are a must.  But today, I disregarded comfort completely to see the difference a pair of shoes could make.

I wore an outfit I’ve worn many times to school.  Peach pants, black top.  Nothing really special.  The only difference was I wore some black suede velvet wedges, whereas I normally wear flats.  Here’s a picture: Image


The picture is somewhat misleading in that it doesn’t really accurately demonstrate the height on these shoes.  

I had more compliments on my appearance today than I’ve had in a long time.  Several people told me I looked pretty today.  Lots of people noticed and complimented my shoes.  It was a definite ego boost.

However, it came with a cost.  Before lunch I had a band aid on.  By the time I got home, several toes were red from being cramped.  My knees were so achy by the time I got home.  My feet cramped off and on throughout the day.  In fact, in one class I adjusted my class so I could rest my feet more.

At the risk of sounding whiny, I don’t exactly have the legs to handle heels all day everyday.  There was a time when I could and I did and I loved it.  But now I have worn out cartilage in my knees and I tore my calf muscle two years ago.  That’s a recipe for flats, but when people pour the compliments, it’s tempting to endure the pain.  Additionally, I’m not sure if its the addition of a few inches to my stature or if I exude more confidence, but students certainly seem to look at me with more authority today.  Who knew a pair of shoes could make so much difference?



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