Two Firsts and Monopolizing the Handle Bar – Day 73

Our last day at Walt Disney World had me very excited.  We were in Hollywood Studios, and of all the parks, that is the only one that has attractions I have not yet experienced.  

There are a number of rides here that my husband and E cannot ride due to Loeys-Dietz Syndrome, but I decided to tackle them alone.  Several of the staff members on our trip had said the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror was an awesome ride so it was on my list for the day’s first.  

I got a fast pass so it would reduce my wait time.  I walked toward the ride with about 15 minutes remaining until I could use the fast pass.  The Aerosmith’s Rockin Roller Coaster is next to the Tower of Terror.  As I neared the attraction, I saw there was no waiting for single riders at the coaster.  Since I’ve never experienced this ride, I made the spontaneous decision to try it out before going to the Tower of Terror.   

I love Aerosmith so I was excited to get on this ride.  Like everything at Disney, it’s not just a ride.  It is a total experience that begins with a video to set up a story.  The video has Aerosmith explaining that you have been given passes to a concert that is beginning shortly.  Their manager has arranged to pick you up in a very fast stretch limo so you can get to the concert on time.  

Many coasters begin with that signature climb and huge initial drop which provides the momentum for a coaster’s speeds.  However, this coaster is different.  It begins with what could be described as a slingshot start.  It blasts you into a dark tunnel with Aerosmith music blasting in your ears.  You must start the coaster with your head against the headrest to avoid having it slung back.  In the dark tunnel are various scenes illuminated by black light.  It’s a pretty awesome experience that provides more twists and turns than hills and drops.  

I disembarked that ride and walked to the Tower of Terror.  It probably wasn’t the best decision to go from one thrill ride to another, but oh well…. I was so nervous headed into this ride.  My impression was it put you into a closed cavern then raised up, opened up doors to show just how high you were and then a free fall drop.  Nope.  I was wrong.  Image

Initially, you have scenes that are very Twilight Zone-like.  That was pretty cool.  However, my anxiety was rising because I knew a drop was coming.  I grabbed the handle bar next to me.  A young man who looked to be 17 or 18 was seated next to me.  He began to reach for the handle bar I had grasped.  I looked over at him with my most serious look and told him, “This is my handle bar.  You’re gonna have to fend for yourself.”  He laughed.  I did not.  I then said, “No, I’m serious.  This is mine.”  He laughed harder.

The anticipation builds and builds.  It is crazy.  It began moving up.  Then stopped.  Then moved up again.  Then it happened.  It dropped leaving my stomach on the 9th floor while my body dropped to the 4th floor.  Then it moved up and down, up and down, up and down.  The doors opened during that series of drops and raises.  I began praying — I mean that literally, not figuratively.  I prayed that God would just let me finish this ride without puking on the poor souls in front of me.  

I know.  There are people starving, dying, famished, in poverty, and here I am praying to keep from puking.  I don’t care.  Judge me if you like.  God knows how close I was to sharing my fruit loops with the old man in front of me.  If the old man were aware, he would have been praying for the same thing, too.  

There was no screaming….only silence from my body.  I didn’t want to take the chance of opening my mouth, just in case.  When it all ended, I looked at the teen beside me and asked, “Is it over?”  Again, he laughed and said yes.  I let go of the handle bars.  I could have hugged him even though he was cracking up at me.  I was the first one off that ride.  I vowed never to ride it again.  


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