Sleep, Sleep, and More Sleep – Day 74

Today I had no “real” firsts.  However, I did sleep more than I think I’ve ever slept in a day ….. especially when I was not sick.  I did the math.  From Tuesday night through Saturday morning averaging 8 hours sleep per night (which is what I need to function properly), I would have received 34 hours of sleep.  Based on my calculations, I received about 20.5 hours and part of those were on a bus so it doesn’t really count.  When we got home today around 6 am, I went almost straight to bed.  I got out of it at 1:30 pm.  Now, it’s 10:30 pm and my head is nodding and I’m going back to bed.  Today’s first I guess you could say is sleeping more than I was awake today when well.  And I rocked it!


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