It’s the Happiest Place on Earth — Day 72

ImageToday we visited Magic Kingdom.  Me, my colleagues, and over 120 of our seventh graders….good times.  We actually had a blast.  This is a wonderful group of students so it makes the happiest place on Earth darn near Nirvana for us teachers.

I’m fortunate to have visited Magic Kingdom a few times so there are no rides which would be new to me.  However, I still managed to experience two new things.  First:  a new dessert.  For Lent I am giving up all things dairy and egg.  That allows me to experience what E has to go through on a daily basis because he is allergic to milk, egg, and shellfish.  Disney is one of the most food-allergy friendly places I have ever been to. At the ice cream shop on Main Street USA, they had Rice Dream and Tofutti desserts.  These are dairy free frozen treats for those with avoidance diets.  Tofutti is a product I have bought E before.  It is a soy-based ice cream.  I got chocolate then had peanut butter sauce added to it.  It was absolutely surprisingly delicious.  It had the exact creamy consistency of ice cream.  The flavor was slightly different as it was more sweet than regular ice cream….I guess the closest way I can describe it would be almost like a cake icing flavor.  It was really, really good.

The day’s second new thing was staying for the fireworks show at Magic Kingdom.  It began with the electrical parade followed by a show of color, images, and music.  This used the castle itself as a screen with images projected onto it.  It was really cool.  Everything concluded with an amazing fireworks spectacular where the fireworks along with narration and music helped to tell a story of the importance of wishes.  Like everything else at Disney, it was spectacular.  Our students were loving it.

Tomorrow:  off to Hollywood Studios and on the road to return home.  Another night of travel on the bus.  


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