Flowers and Photography – Day 71

We arrived at Epcot this morning around 8:30 am having driven all night.  I have visited Epcot on two other occasions:  once as a child with my family and then again as an adult with my own family about four years ago.  However, in those times I have never visited with a school group of middle schoolers.  Additionally, I have never visited during the amusement park’s Flower and Garden Festival.  

It was a great time to visit.  There were beautiful flowers and topiaries everywhere.  In the World Showcase each of these were chosen to specifically reflect the host nation. Everything was even more beautiful and eye-catching than usual.  Here is a picture of one such display: Image

Because this is an educational field trip, we participated in Disney’s youth educational services.  We were divided up into groups which would participate in a three hour class.  Part of the group had a chemistry class, but I was in the group having the photo storytelling (otherwise known as photography) class.  I was really impressed with how they integrated the park attractions with the class itself.  Kids were taught how to tell a story through pictures.  They discussed lighting, viewing angle, and composition.  They utilized different techniques in their own photo assignments.  It was a great experience for them.  

Now, I could provide you with even more anecdotes about how wonderful the day was, but I have another full day ahead as we visit The Magic Kingdom tomorrow, so I need my beauty rest even more than usual.  After all, I have to be ready to be a princess for a day!


One thought on “Flowers and Photography – Day 71

  1. I have decided that I am the only person in the world who has no desire (and I never have had a desire that I can remember) to go to Disney. I will admit that your picture is the first thing that gives me the tiniest interest in going to Disney. I am chalking it up to wanting to see Spring, warm weather, and palm trees though! 😉 Hope you have fun!

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