Sheer Exhaustion and Traveling Mercies – Day 69

ImageThis image pretty accurately depicts my family this week.  Don’t get me wrong; that was not a complaint.  What a glorious yet exhausting week we are in the midst of.  Today’s first wasn’t the most glamorous, but it was a necessary evil.  Today I unpacked from one trip and packed for another trip in the same day.

Last night we returned from our weekend trip to Atlanta.  Fortunately, while waiting for ball games, we did have some down time to relax in the hotel room.  That was very appreciated, because there will be very little of that for the rest of the week.  I didn’t fail to mention we lost an hour of sleep this week, too, right?! (Said with my most sarcastic tone) Loving that Daylight Savings Time.

We got home around 10:30 last night.  D was wide stinkin’ awake.  While E and my husband unpacked the car, I went through the nightly toddler routine.  When they got everything carried in the house and I got D to bed, we were all ready to drop.  We went to bed without a lot of unpacking done.  This morning while getting ready for work and school, we just grabbed whatever happened to be convenient.  

Today when I got home, I immediately went to attack the laundry.  I unpacked everything and sorted clothes.  The washer and dryer have been going pretty much nonstop for the last six hours.  And there are still piles everywhere.  Ugh….

While things were coming out of the laundry, there was no time (or energy) to sort.  It was just laid on top of our spare bed to be dealt with another time.  We fished for the things we will need for the rest of the week from that clean pile (please tell me this sounds familiar and clean clothes don’t get folded and put away at your house!) and began to pack.  

Tomorrow we leave for Disney World!  How awesome is that?!  In fact, I’ll talk a lot more about that in tomorrow’s blog as the day’s first will pretty much revolve around the trip and our transportation to get there.


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