Day 68-Eating at The Varsity

Me enjoying Atlanta's favorite drink -- Coca-Cola -- with my Varsity paper hat on.
Me enjoying Atlanta’s favorite drink — Coca-Cola — with my Varsity paper hat on.

Obviously I’m a little behind on writing.  As you will see from my posts this week, I am doing a LOT of traveling.  This means I’m not always able to get an internet connection to update the blog.  Sometimes when a connection is available, I am too tired to write.

We got home from Atlanta yesterday around 10:30 pm.  Unfortunately, our Diamond Deacs lost yesterday’s game.  It was a gorgeous day for a game, though.  E was so sad to leave the guys.  They hopped onto the bus and headed toward Myrtle Beach where they will play their next game, but E had to come with us to go home.  He was so sad he couldn’t go with them.  It was pitiful.

We decided we couldn’t leave Atlanta without dining at the famous eatery, The Varsity.  It is just around the block from GA Tech and we were passing it on the way to the interstate.  Besides, nothing heals disappointment better than burgers and fries.

E got a chili dog (hot dog with chili).  Rick got a naked dog and naked burger (burger and hot dog plain).  I got a BLT.  We all got fries and D just nibbled off our plates.  If you’ve never been to The Varsity, it is something else.  It is said to be the largest and busiest drive-in diner in the world.  (I have no idea if that is true.)  It is a cultural icon in Atlanta.  It was packed.  Based on the info I looked up online, it can hold nearly 600 diners at a time!  And you must know what you want to order before you get to the cash register in line or they will move on to the next person.  There is no waiting for a customer to make up their mind.

The employees wear red and white paper hats which they will also give to diners that want them.  While there are several Varsity diners throughout the area, the original is the one we visited in downtown Atlanta.

I have visited The Varsity before…..once, when I was in middle school.  I was probably E’s age or close to it.  I went with my church youth group on a weekend trip to Atlanta and we went there for dinner.  However, with that being more than 2 decades ago, I can totally count it as a first.  If you want to get technical, it was the first time I went there with my family.

The fries helped to heal the hurt of separation and a lost game for E.


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