These Shoes Were Made for Throwing Away – Day 66

Unfortunately my sons have inherited the Elledge curse.  The men in my family have been cursed with the sweatiest feet ever.  It’s not that their feet are stinky.  But they sweat mercilessly and that sweat translates to horrible smelling shoes.  And now my sons are carrying on the tradition.

It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen…..or smelled.  Yesterday our family was on a road trip.  E took off his shoes to get more comfortable and the malodorous scent began to infiltrate the car.  We rolled down the windows and ordered him to put those shoes back on.  He swore he could keep the smell from knocking us over.  He covered the shoes with coats.  Then my husband realized they were his coats so he demanded the coats removed from the shoes to prevent corrupting them.  We demanded he put the shoes back on.  Fortunately, he complied, but not before the air was totally contaminated.  These shoes were among the worst smelling ever because not only were they dealing with Elledge man sweat, they had also been left in the elements previously so there was even more moisture to fight.


Farther down the road we came upon an outlet mall with a Nike Factory Store.  We took the turn to go to the stores.  We knew with three more hours on the road, this was our only hope for clean air.  We bought new sneakers and new socks.  E went into the dressing room, took off his shoes and socks, and put the new ones on.

Today’s first?  We didn’t even leave the store with the old shoes and socks.  The socks went into the trash in the store.  The old rancid shoes were discarded as well.  The Nike Store had a container inside for people to give their old sneakers so they could be recycled.  I have my doubts that there is any salvaging those shoes.

If you have and tricks that could prevent these new sneakers from becoming so foul-smelling, please share!


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