Is Another Remake a Good Thing? – Day 65

Today I watched the official trailer for the remake of “Annie” which is set to be released around Christmas. (You can watch it here:  This is my all-time favorite musical.

When the first movie was released in 1982, I feel in love with the story, the characters, the songs.  I knew all the words to all the songs, and could quote most of the lines in the movie, also. Because I love the play so much, I have been in two community productions of the play, also.  The first time I played a maid and a Boylan Sister.  The second time I played Lily St. Regis.

With Cameron Diaz cast as Miss Hannigan (which is forever in my mind a drunken Carol Burnett) and Jamie Foxx as the new Daddy Warbucks, I was quite curious as to how this would look.  I love the update on the Warbucks character….wanting to be mayor, living in a highrise penthouse, sleek with a bit of perhaps a ruthless side as opposed to Albert Finney’s aloofness, interverted, and misunderstood portrayal.

I have a very hard time identifying Cameron Diaz as Miss Hannigan.  I want her to be mean, but I can only picture There’s Something About Mary.  I’m just not sure about her casting.  However, I love the new Annie.  She seems urban, street smart, yet sweet.  The songs and choreography seem updated to be modern, but yet are familiar and don’t stray so far from the original that it feels uncomfortable.

I know I am an adult now, but I am looking forward to revisiting my childhood favorite when it arrives in theaters.


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