The Opposite of Head Over Heels – Day 63

When I was younger I took gymnastics lessons for several years.  I was never all that good at it, but I loved it.  I had dreams of being the next Mary Lou Retton, but often I was limited by my own fears.

Isn’t that true for everyone and everything?  I would gladly do back flips and handsprings as long as an adult was holding me.  I didn’t need someone completely in control of me, but just a little hand on the small of my back gave me the security I was lacking otherwise. When I helped out with cheerleading early in my teaching career, I would still do a cartwheel every now and then just to remind the students I could.  I’ve even been known to turn cartwheels (literally) as an incentive to get students to work hard and be successful.  However, it’s been a while since my feet have been over my head.

Doing a handstand was about as outside the norm as I could imagine.  Mind you, I did plenty of handstands when I was younger but being that it’s been well over one — maybe two decades — since I attempted one, I think it counts as something new.

I decided to perform my handstand against a wall as balance is not my strong suit.  My expectation:  handstand.  I moved toys out of the way.  As I raised my hands to prepare, I felt my entire body tense.  There were butterflies in my stomach.  D stopped everything he was doing to gawk at me.  He had no idea what I was doing but he could sense it was something odd. I gave it a number of attempts.  The reality: handstand fail  Thank God no one was home that could operate a video camera.  Day 63’s first:  complete a handstand.  FAIL.



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