Dancing Queen – Day 61

ImageIt’s the start of a pretty amazingly hectic couple of months.  School is headed for Spring which means field trips, testing, etc, etc, etc.;  E made the school’s golf team this week (Yay!!!); the husband is coaching the school’s baseball team, we are watching every Wake Forest baseball game we possibly can, and we will be traveling to GA (twice), FL, and MD in the next two months.  

We are just running, running, running.  That’s why I’m enjoying the simplicity of injecting something new and novel daily.  It provides me with an opportunity to slow down.  I particularly love the days when my challenges revolve around time with my family. Today’s challenge was really helpful for that. 

Rick and E were at the ballfield for the Wake game (3 wins this weekend!).  D was not interested in a nap.  He just wanted to watch television over and over and over again.  I turned on his favorite show, Yo Gabba Gabba, but we did not watch it.  In each episode they have “The Super Music Friends Show” which is a segment of the show that features a band playing a song that is in someway connected to the topic for that particularly episode.  Even though D loves music, he usually has me fast forward this part.  But today I would not.

The music segment of the show had a medley of songs that were popular in the show.  D knew all of them.  I fast forwarded the episode until we got to The Super Music Friends Show and the medley.  Then we turned the volume up and danced like maniacs in the living room.  When it was over, we rewinded it and did it again….and again….and again.  We giggled, we twirled, we hopped around.  In fact, we looked much like the gif file above.  I actually introduced my 2 year old to the Macarana using the Preschool classic, “Don’t Give Up.”  

When we had danced to the medley three times, this dancing queen was tired.  Jamming with a toddler is a workout, my friends.


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