Yes, I Do Have a Well-Dressed but Headless Passenger – Day 60

I am so fortunate to have a friend who has given me a couple of mannequins to use in my jewelry business.  They are not full mannequins, but more like dress forms with just a torso.  Image

Today I took one of the mannequins with me to a jewelry show.  Whenever I take the form with me from place to place, I always strap it into the front seat with a seatbelt as if it were a person.  While it may look hilarious, I do this so it doesn’t fly all over the car as I am turning or stopping.  

I have gotten a number of interesting looks from people as I wait on a traffic light to change or have people pass me.  However, today I had a most interesting encounter with the mannequin at the drive thru.  

After my jewelry show, I decided I would pick up a light lunch at a McDonalds.  Of course, my mannequin was strapped into the front seat beside me.  When I drove to the window, I exchanged the normal pleasantries and gave my money to the employee.  As she was handing me my change, she leaned in and got a good look in my car, gave a gasp, then burst out laughing.  

She said she was leaning in because if it were a soldier who had lost his legs in battle, she wanted to explain how much his sacrifice was valued.  (I don’t know how she was going to gather that much info from someone just by leaning in and speaking briefly, but okay….) But when she leaned in to speak to the passenger, she was shocked to see it didn’t have a head, either.  For a split micro second, she thought I was just driving around town with a passenger dressed to the nines complete with jewelry, but no head.

Scaring the lady at the drive thru with a mannequin…..that is quite the first!


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