Step Away From the Boob Tube – Day 59

ImageTonight’s first:  avoiding the television.  I’m sure I’ve gone a 24 hour period without television in my life, but it was coincidental.  The difference is today I have conscientiously made the decision to avoid television even as I am sitting in a home that has three of them hooked up to cable.

There are very few shows that I consider “must see tv.”  I really enjoy “Grimm”, “Once Upon a Time”, and “The Blacklist”.  If I happen to catch an episode of “Big Bang Theory”, “Friends”, or “Seinfeld”  I will stop and enjoy.  Regardless of how much I say I don’t need to television, I usually have it on.  And it is amazing the amount of time I spend mindlessly in front of it.

As a family, it is quite embarrassing how much we are addicted to this machine if we are being honest.  My toddler son will begin begging for his shows within five minutes of waking in the morning.  That’s why I’ve decided to target this for today’s first.  I can’t control nor do I even suggest the rest of my family tackle today’s first, but I wanted to see if I missed television if I eliminated it from my regular day.

The simple answer is not so simple.  No, I did not feel deprived as a result of not watching television.  However, I found it challenging to fill my evening at home.  If I am not to watch television, what should I do?  I felt as though I could not simply sit back and relax.  Television is a guilty pleasure completely allowed, but just sitting in my bedroom and reading?  That seems indulgent.  Therefore, I felt the need to complete chores.  I mopped, I picked up stuff, I hung up clothes, I did laundry…..blah, blah, blah.  I was exhausted.

If my options in the evening are running from chore to chore or vegetating in front of a television, bring me a remote….even if that means I’ll be watching Barney.

Finally, when it was time for my toddler, D, to settle down, I took him to my husband in the living room to watch….you guessed it…television.  Then I retired to the bedroom where I could do just a few more chores then relax in the bed with my computer.  (Yes, I am aware of how similar the time-sucks computers are to televisions, but again, my blog. I make the rules.)  I must say, at this point, the quiet and lack of stimulation from the television made it much easier to relax.  Just me, my computer, and my magazines.  A much better evening than prime time programming can provide.


One thought on “Step Away From the Boob Tube – Day 59

  1. Television is one thing I’ve never been real interested in. If I do watch something it’s a quick show of House Hunters or I’ll watch an episode of Pawn Stars or something like that. My time sucker is the computer. I waste so much of my day online. While I haven’t given it up totally, I have cut it back dramatically this week. I’ve found I’m so much more productive and actually happier too!

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