February Recap

Wow!  Two months into the year and I’m still keeping my New Year resolution!  This has to be a record.  Call Guinness!  

I’m not sure if it’s causal or correlative but this year with its experiments of firsts has flown by!  To recap February’s firsts:

  1. Raised money for the Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Foundation through my jewelry business.  I did not quite meet my goal, but I know the foundation will be pleased to receive my check of $160 in the coming days.
  2. Tried brussel sprouts (Yuck!)
  3. Attempted crock pot fajitas and money origami (epic fail)
  4. Ordered drive thru at McDonalds while adding “Mc” to every noun in the order.
  5. Burpee
  6. Spent an evening with our school’s lunch ladies
  7. Read Interrupted  by Jen Hatmaker
  8. Watched Captain Phillips with oldest son, E.
  9. Let E make dinner without me butting in.
  10. Made calzones
  11. Ombre manicure
  12. Went a day without makeup
  13. Made snow cream
  14. Made door decor
  15. Attended a college baseball game (Go, Diamond Deacs!)
  16. Homemade finger paint/goo
  17. Girls Night Out with a former student
  18. Calculated my carbon footprint
  19. Watched American Horror Story:Coven
  20. Cut my toddler’s, D, hair
  21. Paid for the fast food order or a customer behind me in line.
  22. Cheered for Duke (ouch!  That’s painful even now.)
  23. Watched the movie Precious
  24. Prepared hubby for pageant
  25. Made microloan through Kiva.org
  26. Went to sleep in the next day’s outfit
  27. Listed to Steve Martin and Edie Brickell  
  28. No TV

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