So This Is What Eccentric Means – Day 57

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Recently my students and I were discussing one of our vocabulary words:  eccentric.  We were discussing what it means to be eccentric.  I asked students if they had any eccentric relatives or friends. Then we discussed what qualified them to be considered eccentric.

One student explained that he knew someone who every Saturday night would get completely ready for church — shower, shave, and suit.  He would then go to bed — in his Sunday clothes.  He did this so on Sunday morning he could sleep later and get up ready to go.  The class decided that, yes, this was eccentric behavior.  One student, knowing of my daily firsts, suggested I attempt this eccentric activity.

Challenge accepted.

Last night just before bed, I showered and got completely ready for work.  Yes, I fixed my hair, put on my clothes….all of it.  Then I went to bed.  I will be honest.  I did wear pajama pants rather than my work pants for comfort’s sake.  Otherwise, I completely complied with this eccentric behavior.

It was somewhat uncomfortable, but it was certainly a time saver this morning.  Yes, my clothes were a bit wrinkled, but I got to stay in bed 30 minutes longer than usual….and I still made it to work on time.

When my student first mentioned this, we giggled.  We talked about its unusualness.  However, I shall not throw stones.  Perhaps this person my student mentioned might be eccentric, but I bet he’s less sleep deprived than I.


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