Julia Roberts-less Pretty Woman – Day 55

I love the school I work at.  Yes, we have tough days, but I genuinely like the people I spend most of my days with.  Middle school teachers are an unusual bunch.  We are sarcastic and compassionate.  We are tough but tender-hearted.  We are just a little crazy, too.  We do anything to capture the attention of students.  This includes costumes, colored hair, and gimmicks.  (We don’t really look like Seal, but I can’t help thinking of this song when I think of middle school teachers.)

When my husband and I began thinking of a unique fundraiser for the Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Foundation for our school to conduct, we considered a number of ideas….dance-a-thon, “hat” days, blah, blah, blah.  We wanted something totally different.  Something that was kind of crazy that would get everyone excited, because if they are excited, they participate.  And if they participate, the foundation is making money.

We decided on a womanless beauty pageant.  The local elementary school had conducted one of these as a school fundraiser with much success several years ago.  We pitched it to the school, and our principal approved the idea.  That leads me to today’s first.

Today I put make up on my husband.  Not a full face, but eyeshadow, liner, mascara, and lipstick.  After I had created 1960’s era “cats’ eyes” with liquid eyeliner, Rick says, “This comes off pretty easily, right?”  Uhm…..no.  Panic ensues.  He now realizes he is more than likely going to face another 75 13 year olds with eyeliner —- smeared charcoal gray eyeliner.

I suppose the fact that he is dressed in a red plaid school girl skirt with a blond braided wig on and being videotaped to show the entire school tomorrow has eluded him.  Really, what’s a little runny eye makeup when you look like a character from a Saturday Night Live skit parodying Pretty Woman?  However, he has nothing to be ashamed of.  He was gorgeous compared to some of the other male coworkers I saw decked out in their boas, wigs, and high heels.

You have got to love coworkers that are willing to endure a bit of hosiery, cosmetics, and ball gowns just to have fun raising money for a foundation that has done so much to help families like ours.


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