A Disturbing Yet Amazing Movie – Day 54

This afternoon it was just D and me at home.  He was napping which meant  I could get caught up on some phone calls, reading, cleaning house, and planning lessons.  Normally, I try to fill every available space I have with work, chores, or playing with my boys.

It’s very rare I just sit and do nothing for an afternoon.  I made a few calls, put some dishes in the dishwasher, but then I decided I was entitled to have an afternoon of rest.  It is the Sabbath, after all.  I grabbed the remote and began flipping channels.  I came across the movie Precious.  

I remember seeing ads for it when it was in the theatres.  We have a copy of the book it is based on Push.  My husband read it and found it to be captivating and disturbing all at the same time.  I read a little and was so troubled I couldn’t read anymore.  

The atrocities this main character, Precious, endured are without adequate words.  Abuse, incest, ….pretty much any horrible thing you could imagine happening to a child, it happened to Precious.  

As you can tell from my previous posts, when I watch and write about a movie, I analyze it.  However, the heavy and disturbing content of this movie left me unable to do so.  I became so angry at the many adults who failed this teenager that I could not be objective.  

Then I began thinking of the many students I have taught in my career.  I prayed none of them had ever endured such a home life.  I hoped that I would be the beacon of hope and encouragement Precious’s alternative school teacher was for her.  I thought about the way Precious would have outbursts of anger, and I was able to see it was simply a manifestation of the crappy home she had and the abuse she endured.  I couldn’t help but reflect on the students I’ve had who have appeared angry and wondered if the cause was a home situation I was unaware of.  

Sad.  That’s how I felt watching this movie.  Regardless, it is an amazing movie that helps us to remember that not every home is a supportive, encouraging one.  In fact, some homes are nothing short of hell.  I am so appreciative for the home I grew up in and the awesome parents I have.  Sometimes I feel like a total failure as a parent, but even in the midst of my shortcomings, I feel confident that my boys know I love them.  Perhaps, then, I’m not a failure at all.


2 thoughts on “A Disturbing Yet Amazing Movie – Day 54

  1. My daughter (she’s 15) has friends over almost weekly. When I meet some of these new friends and hear things about their lives and upbringing, I just can’t believe it. My kids are blessed and not with wealth, power or fame but simply with love. I truly believe that is the best gift we can give our children.

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