Is It Goo or Is It Paint? – Day 47

Some days my toddler, D, can entertain himself with pencils and paper or legos.  Other days he wants a new activity every two minutes.  Today was one of his constant need for new stimulation days.  Therefore, time to scour the internet for kid friendly ideas.

Thankfully, I found a recipe for finger paints made of ingredients from the kitchen.  A mix of sugar, salt, corn starch, water, and food coloring.  He poured items into the pan for me then I put it on the stove and cooked it.

This is a good time to explain I have little patience.  Perhaps that’s why I struggle with crafting as mentioned a few days ago…..and recipes….and a caravan full of other tasks.

When it comes to people, I tolerate much.  I have bucket loads of patience.  That goes without saying when you consider the fact that I have an almost-teenager and a toddler as well as being a middle school teacher.  However, asking me to stand in front of a pan and stir or in front of an oven door and not open it…..that’s torture.

I tell you all that to explain why I couldn’t just stand and stir like the instructions said.  It said it would begin to thicken to the consistency of paint, but it didn’t give me an idea of how long that would take.   So after a little while I believed I needed to add more corn starch to thicken it up.

It wasn’t long until the paint was more like goo.  Oh well, it’s not as if D knows the difference.  Let the painting begin!  I pulled out newspapers and demonstrated how to use finger paint.  At first, D was totally into the idea.  Image (Enjoying it.)

After too long, though, his inner compulsive nature took over and he had to clean his hands. Just like clockwork, two minutes (maybe less) after putting his finger into the goo, D was done. Image (Probably 30 seconds later having to clean his hands.)

Today’s first:  making homemade finger paint/goo. Took much longer to make it than it took for D to become bored with it.


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