Take Me Out to the Ballgame – Day 46

Today’s first:  attending an intercollegiate baseball game…..with snow on the ground….with my son in the dugout. 

As I had mentioned in a previous entry, my oldest son E has been adopted as a member of the Wake Forest University Baseball Team.  They had their season opener today.  I’ve seen plenty of baseball games….MLB games, minor league games, high school games, lots and lots and lots of middle school games.  However, I’ve never been to a college game until today.  

We got a seat in the press box which was wonderful because the temperature was in the 30s.  While the field was completely snow free, the stands had ice and snow throughtout.  In the second inning, our team scored three runs.  Inning after inning, our team stayed ahead.  And then….the other team got hot.  The lead slipped out of our hands.  Unfortunately, we did not gain back the momentum.  We lost the game by one.

After the game E was so disappointed.  Perhaps that is too weak a word….devastated is really the fitting word.  His first college game and they lost.  Tears were involved.  The thrill of victory and tonight was the agony of defeat.


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