Day 45 – I Hate You People

Forgive me for being so blunt, but I hate you people.  You know who you are.  You people who can turn a trash can into an end table.  You people who have found 35 ways to repurpose an old desk. You people that have taken old paper towel rolls and turned them into freaking jewelry or cute teacher gifts.  You crafty people.

It’s not really that I hate you so much that I hate your talent.  I am unapologetically jealous of it. I did cross-stitch when I was young after my mother taught me.  Outside of painting by numbers, that is as crafty as I get.

I have hands that shake, a fear of making a mess of things, and little vision to see the potential in everyday objects.  People, a coffee can was made to hold coffee.  Turning it into a lamp is just not the natural order of things.

I am the misfit of the females in our family when it comes to crafting.  My sister-in-law made aprons for all the guests at her daughter’s birthday party….that’s right.  Made the aprons….with a sewing machine.  What?  My mother stenciled every flat surface in our home…..without breaking a sweat.

That’s why I am determined to give it a try and make something during this year.  I have scoured the internet (which is to say, Facebook and Pinterest, because are there really any other sites out there?) for craft ideas and I found one I loved.  In fact, it’s kind of a recurring theme in my pins.  Monograms. So on our pre-Snowmageddon trip to Michael’s, I purchased paint, paintbrush, glue gun, glue sticks, a wooden letter, and a flower garland of blue hydrangeas.

Today’s first:  I made decor for a front door.  Our front door is a dark wine color so as indecisive and unsure as I was (remember, this was also the day I was going sans cosmetics), it took me forever to choose a paint color.  It had to be something that wouldn’t clash with the door or our blue siding, but it needed to “pop.”  I kept it simple and went with white.  I almost bought jute twine to wrap it, but better sense took over when I realized this was probably well beyond my ability level.

I painted the “P” (for our last name: Papsun).  I gave it two coats, but I went cheap on the brushes and paid for it.  Note to self:  invest in good quality tools next time.  I had chosen the blue hydrangeas because they are my absolute favorite.  They are the flowers we used in our wedding and 15 years later I still love them.

I used scissors to cut some clusters and leaves off the garland (I’m not saying if these scissors happen to be my kitchen shears that I also cut chunks of chicken with because I’d NEVER do that…..never;-P)  I played with the arrangement I wanted before I plugged in the hot glue gun.  I started with leaves. Layering the flowers and other leaves afterward was much more tricky.  The stems of the flowers are thin so there is little surface to attach the glue to.  I kept playing with it until it worked.

I’m pretty pleased with the result.  Let me know what you think!



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