I Scream; You Scream; We All Scream for Snow Cream – Day 44

Snow days are not exactly common here.  We get more ice and sleet than true snow.  But the past 24 hours have been a snow of monumental proportions around here.  Winter Storm Pax is locally known as Snowmageddon.  We have over a foot of snow here with a little sleet and ice thrown in to make it interesting.Image

I love it.  It reminds me of childhood experiences spent sledding, making snowmen, and eating snow cream.  My husband is from Pennsylvania while I’ve grown up in the Carolinas all my life. Winter weather — specifically snow — was just a normal part of life for him growing up.  He often teases that we in the South catastrophize weather.  However, I can tell you when we do get it, we allow it to be a temporary pause in life and reconnect with family, friends, and fun.  We fully enjoy it.

Earlier today E spent hours outside building a snow fort, sledding, making snow angels.  I’ve made chili, chocolate chip pancakes, and tons more yummies.  It’s been fabulous.  We’ve seen post after post on facebook regarding the snow.  One of those I’ve seen is a recipe for snow cream.  I remembered enjoying this sweet treat as a child.  I wanted to try making it for the first time today and enjoying it with my boys who both have a sweet tooth.

I didn’t follow the recipe exactly.  Like a lot of things I make, I just experimented and eyeballed things.  I sent E out to fill a bowl with snow.

Before we proceed let me say, yes, I sent my 12 year old to fill a bowl with snow off the ground.  I instructed him to pick an area that was free of animal prints, shoe prints, dirt, and yellow snow.  If you think it’s not sanitary, let me just say we live slightly more than an hour away from the Dan River which had coal ash spilled into it and was all over the national news last week.  Therefore, probably whatever he took off the ground is less nasty then what’s coming out of faucets not too far from our home.

With that said…. I added vanilla extract, milk (soy, of course in our home), and sugar.  Mix it and indulge.  I’ve heard of a few variations…you can use chocolate milk, you can add kool aid to give it a fruity flavor, but I like plain old vanilla with some chocolate syrup on top.Image

If you’ve never had snow cream, it has an icy consistency more so than ice cream.  It is very sweet….of course, that could be just my mixture with a lot of sugar, a lot of vanilla, and a little milk. I enjoyed it; E thought it was okay; D wanted nothing to do with it and had a temper tantrum until we gave him the real ice cream.

I asked my husband with all the snow he had growing up if he had made snow cream.  He said no, it was a Southern thing.  How many of you have made or eaten snow cream?   Did you enjoy it or did you find it a bad imitation of ice cream like D?


One thought on “I Scream; You Scream; We All Scream for Snow Cream – Day 44

  1. My Grandma used to make us snow cream every winter. I’ve yet to do it for my kids but I so need to! We got snow too, around 3 inches. We don’t get a lot of snow here but this year it seems there has been snow on the ground almost everyday this winter. While I have enjoyed it, I’m ready to move on and welcome Spring in!!!

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