There’s a Thin Line Between Stubborn and Persistent – Day 42

I am not a quitter.  When I set my mind to something I am determined to make it happen or die trying…..and by die trying I mean whine and moan and throw myself onto the floor having a tantrum that would rival any toddler.

With that said, I am determined to have some successful self manicure during this year of new daily challenges.  Anyone can paint their nails a single color, but I want to do something Pinterest-worthy.  I will not be defeated by this challenge!

While at the local drugstore, I saw a kit that might provide me the answer.  It was a simple kit of three smaller-than-average sized nail colors.  Each of these colors were different shades of the same color.  I choose the kit that had silver, gray, and black.  Some of the polishes are opaque while one is not.  They all have a shimmery, sparkly quality to them.  There are directions on how to achieve a gradient look.  If you remember correctly, gradient nails were attempted early on in this year by sponge paint method with horrific results.  This seemed much more sensible and controlled.  Two coats of base color over the entire nail; Imageone coat of another color on just tips; then third color lightly brushed on to blend it all.  Seems simple enough.  I think the results were much better this time around, but I’m still not sure if I love it.  You be the judge.Image


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