Crazy for Calzone – Day 41

I was looking for something different for dinner…..different, but easy.  Homemade calzones seemed like a great idea.  Well, let me change that to semi-homemade because I get as many ingredients already made as possible to make things easier and quicker.  And perhaps it’s a semi-homemade stromboli because the sauce was inside the turnover.  But “Crazy for Stromboli” just doesn’t have the same alliterative ring to it, so we’re going to say I made homemade calzones because this is my blog and I want to.  

I picked up some pizza dough from the refrigerated bread/dough section of the grocery store along with some canned mushrooms, canned pizza sauce, and turkey meat.  I got it home and began to saute some leftover sliced peppers and onions I had from the weekend.  I began to brown the turkey meat.  I noticed black specks in the meat.  It smelled burned.  Seeing those black specks, I became convinced my pan’s teflon coating was coming off.  I then declared I would not put such horrible chemicals in my or my kids’ bodies.  (Nevermind I’m using canned pizza dough and pizza sauce.  I’m certain there are ingredients in these that have more letters than my entire name.  Again, it’s my blog so I can pick and choose what I determine is a health hazard and what I shall overlook.)  Pan with half cooked ingredients trashed.  New pan with new ingredients (thank goodness I bought two pounds of ground turkey) started.  

E rolled out the dough and used his dough press he received for Christmas.  Inside the dough we placed our new, no black specks meat and veggie filling.  The first calzone was overstuffed.  As E smashed it in the press, sauce came pouring out the sides.  Dough pouched out the back of the press.  It was a hot mess….literally.  The dough was so thick.  The second and third attempts we figured out the better balance — thin dough, less filling.  We took the scraps of dough and rolled them into little balls and shaped them on the cookie sheet into snowman beside the calzones.  They baked until golden brown.  We plated the italian turnovers with a side of extra pizza sauce.  Here is the overstuffed calzone half eaten:  Image

Delicious.  Just as good as anything I’ve had in a restaurant.  The bread snowmen were goofy and tasty.  Pretty good combination I have yet to find in a typical restaurant review.


2 thoughts on “Crazy for Calzone – Day 41

  1. I love a thick dough on the calzone. The filling sounds delicious. When I lived in New York, I ate the most delicious calzone. They used mozzarella and ricotta cheese. I have not found that recipe anywhere in Italy. Here in Sicily they used ham and tomatoes and maybe meat. You made me nostalgic for N.Y.

    1. I would love ham and tomatoes in it next time We go cheeseless in our house because of food allergies, but it was delicious all the same. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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