Adam Sandler Had it Wrong – Day 37

Adam Sandler has a great song called “Lunch Lady Land.” I can’t help but laugh riotously as I listen to it … or even more so watching the video for it. I’ve attached the video for you to enjoy, too. Chris Farley plays the lunch lady in this video. It’s hilarious to watch him looking like an over the top stereotype from a bad 80s sitcom with a target audience of teenagers.

I’ve worked in public education since 1999. I’ve always loved the “lunch ladies” at the schools where I’ve worked. They take care of me and make sure I get a little extra this, a little extra of that, and put back my favorite desserts so they don’t run out before I get there. Honestly, in schools there are three groups of people you want to “butter up” (pardon the pun) and have watching out for you…..the secretary, the custodians, and the lunch ladies. One takes care of the money, one takes care of the heat and air, the last one takes care of food. And you know how important food is to me.

Tonight I was able to have a girls night out with some of our lunch ladies. And they made sure to point out this was a first so I should write about. So here you go!

I knew these were fun ladies. We often share a laugh or two when I bring my students to the cafeteria. But take us all out of our work environment and things get even more fun. We played with jewelry, ate, and gossiped. I found out things and learned things I never knew….nor shall I repeat. I do believe we need to adopt Vegas’s ad line, “What happens with the lunch ladies, stays with the lunch ladies.” They are such a fun group. If only students knew how much fun we adults are when we are unsupervised….


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