Purgatory’s fitness routine – Day 36

Kill. Me. Now. Those were the words going through my head by the time I reached the fifth burpee. Seriously, who does these things on a regular basis?  And who was the Einstein who invented them?  Perhaps it was a method of interrogation technique used on Guantanamo?  Maybe it was what really killed the radio star rather than video.  It was probably found on Pinterest right next to those screwed up manicure ideas from my previous posts.  In any event, any exercise having a name so similar to a bodily function cannot be good.

With all the eating I do for my daily challenges, it seems appropriate that I tackle some new fitness attempts, as well.  For those of you unfamiliar with a burpee, it is an exercise straight from the depths of purgatory.  You begin by standing with feet shoulder width apart.  You hop down to a squat while putting your hands on the floor then move your feet back so your body is in a push up position.  Do a push up, then hop your feet back up putting your body back into a squat position then jump up.  That’s not one exercise.  That’s like four exercises in one.  My goal was to do one set of five.  The first one…..I got this.  The second one…. okay, I’m hanging in.  The third one …. what are these muscles burning.  The fourth one …. can my legs and arms stand this much longer?  The fifth one…..like I said before:  Kill.  Me.  Now.  This was a first, but I make no promises there will be a second.


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