I take requests (Day 35)

Tonight I found myself stuck.  I realize it would be easy to fall into a rut of every daily new thing revolving around food and I don’t want that.  However, I can’t perfectly plan out every day’s new thing.  In fact, the beauty of embracing the new is found in a willingness to be spontaneous.  But I’m not gonna lie.  It’s not always easy.  Some days I’m tired; some days I don’t feel well; some day I am short on funds; some days I am short on time; all the other days I just want things to be easy — and the mundane and routine is easy.  However, I will not fail.  So tonight, I took requests.

I asked one of my friends to help me think of something new for today.  I was ready to do whatever she suggested (assuming, of course, it was something I had not done before).  She provided me with what sounded like a funny challenge.  I had to go to McDonalds  and put the syllable “Mac” before every noun without cracking a smile or laughing.  Done.

At the thought of it, we laughed.  It sounded hilarious at the time.  I went to the drive thru, and said “I would like a McBacon McCheddar McChicken Mccombo.  Please hold the McMayonnaise. … Yes, I would like a Mccombo … uhm….a sweet McTea to drink with that.”  And so on.  You get the idea.  I totally kept it together.  Surprisingly enough, I had no temptation whatsoever to laugh despite the fact that we cackled over the idea when we were all together.  However, the employees at the drive thru window were cracking up.  Seriously, I could hear them through the microphone by the fourth Mcnoun.  As I drove to the window to pay, three employees were there to see who was the Mcidiot.

Hmm….when I was with my friend and the suggestion was presented, it seemed funny.  When I was alone performing the task, it did not seem funny.  However, when there was a group listening to me it seemed funny to them. Lesson learned. When you are alone, things aren’t nearly as funny as you think they are when you are with a group.


2 thoughts on “I take requests (Day 35)

  1. Here is a request….Since the 100th day of school is coming up and food has to be a constant safeguard at your hours…what is the one food you could eat for 100 days in a row?

    1. Hmm….great question. Almost sounds like a challenge. I think it may be peanut butter. As amazing as it is, that’s one food all of our family can eat. However, that doesn’t mean everyone likes it, but I do! I could use it to make sauces, desserts, snacks. It’s a pretty versatile food.

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