Sweet as Honey – Day 30

I’ve been plagued with skin issues most of my life.  As an adolescent and young adult I had horrific, painful acne.  As an adult, I deal with very sensitive skin and rosacea. I’ve had nearly every crazy treatment you can imagine from having my face “frozen” to taking accutane.  I’ve bought nearly every makeup to cover up and skin care regiment to help.  Some have worked better than others.  Some have cost a small fortune.  I’ve often heard of making facial cleaners and masks from products in your kitchen.  However, with my skin issues, I’ve been reluctant to try these — until now.  As I get older I have begun to shy away from chemicals when I can and embraced more natural products….even better plant-based products.  However, I lack the knowledge to really experiment on my own especially when it comes to my very sensitive skin.  Tonight, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and give it a try.

(Honestly….this wasn’t the planned first.  Earlier in the day I attempted another stinking Pinterest manicure project — water marbled nails.  It turned out so horrifically that I would rather bare my make up free face on the internet than that hot mess of my nails.  I am now contemplating if Pinterest is actually the hidden spawn of Satan….the projects look so easy and pretty but the reality is evil and ugly, but I digress…..)

I found a great recipe online that is specifically for sensitive skin with acne scars — seems perfectly suited for my first attempt at a DIY facial mask.  Only three ingredients….can it get any simpler?  1 ripe banana, 1 tbsp honey, 10 drops of lemon.  Ugh….I have no lemons or lemon juice.  I do have a lime.  That’s close enough, right?  Listen, if I have figured out how to successfully substitute milk and eggs with a can of pumpkin in cupcakes, surely I can substitute one citrus fruit for another without too much worry.

I mashed the banana and mixed the other ingredients to get a smooth, very moist paste.  I used my fingers and applied the mask to my face being careful to not get it on or in my eyes or lips.  I’m not sure if that was necessary, but I know not to do this with typical skin care products so better to be safe than sorry.  It was a runny mask.  I’m glad I was over the sink as it did drip a bit.  It smelled pleasant, as you could imagine. Image (With the mask on my face.)


 I left it on my face for 15 minutes as directed by the website I found.  When I was ready to rinse it off, it looked kind of nasty in areas that had chunks of banana.  However, my face felt great.  I could tell it was working as a mask rather than a cleanser since it was slightly tight on my face, but it was not uncomfortable like a lot of clay masks I’ve tried in the past.  It also didn’t burn or irritate my face as most products do.  

When I washed it off, my face felt tight and clean without being dry.  It did not leave my face red (which is nothing short of a miracle with rosacea), but rather glowing.  My pores were tighter, also. Image (after mask was removed)

 I will definitely repeat this first as it was inexpensive and felt great.  I like being able to pamper myself without having to splurge financially.


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