Proud Mama Alert! – Day 29

You’ve been warned.  I am one of THOSE moms.   The kind that will talk and talk and talk about their children until your ears bleed and you want to kill yourself.  Tonight’s first gave me reason to gush again.

As mentioned in my previous blog posts and on my “About” page, my husband and son have a very rare medical condition called Loeys-Dietz Syndrome. While I don’t want to focus too much on their illness and make this sound like a “poor them” blog post, I will tell you that it limits my son’s ability to participate in sports.  This has been a particularly challenging part of the diagnosis for our family.  However, there is a wonderful organization called Team IMPACT which matches children who have life threatening and chronic medical conditions with collegiate athletic teams in their area.  These matches make a difference in the lives of children like mine by providing them an additional sense of support and the feeling of camaraderie and acceptance that team sports provide.

Last year, E’s school nurse put us in touch with Team IMPACT and we applied for E to be matched.  Thankfully, E was matched with the baseball team of his all time favorite college — Wake Forest University.  Tonight, the baseball team was featured at the school’s basketball game.  Before the game, E and the baseball players signed autographs for fans.  My 12 year old (who was devastated and in tears after being told by his cardiologist his time playing sports was limited) was signing autographs as a member of the Wake Forest Baseball team!

He sat with the team during the game right in the heart of the student section.  Then the team was led out onto the court as their opening day was announced….and then, they announced my son, E, as the newest member and signee to the Wake Forest Diamond Deacons.  How cool is that?!!  No matter where you are on this earth, that high pitched annoying squeal you heard this evening was more than likely me at that moment.  I watched him smile, step forward, and wave to the crowd.  At that moment, I felt as if I were the parent of a celebrity — a major league baseball player, no less.  It’s hard to find him, but he’s the kid with the black hat and black coat on the far right in the middle of the court.


Sometimes the best firsts are the first time you watch someone else experience recognition and a personal highlight just like I was able to experience tonight.


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