Four Minutes of my Life I’ll Never Get Back – Day 28

Four Minutes of my Life I’ll Never Get Back

I love music.  It speaks to my soul as I believe it does most people. While I appreciate various genres, most of my musical taste is shaped by what is popular. I hate to be a cog in the machine of the music business, but my car radio is typically controlled by the quick fingers of a station-changing adolescent. My tastes may be shaped by radio DJs and playlists however, I do realize most of the best music….music that is experimental, cutting edge, raw, and intensely authentic …. are the creations that do not find themselves on singles or top 40 lists.  

This week I was introduced to a group called Daft Punk because of their big wins at this week’s Grammy Awards.  This was the first I had heard of them.  Perhaps I am the only person in the nation for whom this is a new group, but today’s first is focused on hearing their music for the first time.  

It was important to me to find a song of this group which they did not perform on the show.  During the Grammys telecast, the duo joined Stevie Wonder and Pharrell to perform “Get Lucky.”  Therefore, I went on YouTube and did a search for any song other than that one.  I found “Around the World.”  

Let me be clear.  Electronica and dance music is not my thing.  If I want to dance, I long for high school dances with AC/DCs “Shook Me All Night Long” or anything by Tone Loc or C&C Music Factory (go ahead….let the laughing commence.)  However, listening to an entire song AND watching the official music video ensures that I am leaps and bounds outside my comfort zone and cute little box of popular music.  

I suppose I’m far too simple minded.  I’m sure there was some deeper, metaphorical meaning I’m missing.  There were mummies, and skeletons dancing in circles.  And by dancing in circles I mean bebopping around what I’m sure are the remnants of lost staging and props of Solid Gold.  That or the stools Sesame Street muppets sit on so the puppeteers can hide behind them.  The skeletons looked like the glow-in-the-dark pajamas my kids would wear with Skelator masks from He-Man days long ago.  Huh?  I just didn’t get it.  And maybe I wasn’t paying close enough attention but I believe there were no more than five words simply repeated over and over and over and over — for more than four minutes.  

If you love French dance music, Daft Punk may be your thing.  But, this is four minutes of my life I’ll never get back. I think I’ll just stick to my Adele, Alicia Keys, and Lorde.


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