Jewelry and cupcakes and hair….oh my! – Day 24

Today I experienced more than one “new” thing.  My friend had a grand opening for her new beauty shop — Lizzie Belle’s.  I’ve never been to the grand opening of a beauty shop before.  My friend, Lizz, her friend, Keisha, and her sister, Brinkley, worked hard to make sure everything was perfect.  There were gift baskets, gorgeous cake stands, and yummy food.  Of this food, I had a blackberry wine cupcake and green punch — all new things.  Additionally, I met several new people.  Lizz had me set up some of the jewelry I sell.  Never sold jewelry in a beauty shop before.

We spent quite a bit of time talking and visiting with the guests that were there.  It reminded me a bit of a busier, bustling beauty shop similar to the one in the movie Steel Magnolia.  Women giggling, exchanging stories, and talking about how to make their hair bigger.  In the end, it was really a celebration of seeing my friend achieve a dream she set for herself since primary school.  Yet, tonight she made a profound statement…..”Now that I’ve achieved this, I have to create a new dream for myself.”  

It’s so true.  We need a goal, a dream to look ahead to.  These provide meaning and purpose in our lives. Once you’ve reached a dream, how does one begin to dream again?!  I keep returning to that question.  It’s been proposed or mentioned by those that surround me multiple times in recent weeks.  I suppose God is trying to tell me something.  I’d like to think over the course of this year, many of my dreams will come true….so perhaps I need to take the time to set new goals every time I achieve one.


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