Jumping for Joy – Day 21

I have so enjoyed this undertaking of daily firsts.  Everyday I’m on a search for better and better firsts.  It adds an element of anticipation to everyday knowing that I have something to look forward to.  A lot of days the fun is in waking up and not having a clue what that day’s first will be.  Sometimes I try a first, but it doesn’t provide me the novelty I’m looking for so I find another first. Somedays a first finds me instead of me searching for it.  Today, that was the case.

I had completed a first.  I made a homemade scrub to clean my stove.  It fit the bill, but really?!…..I’ve had to resort to DIY cleaners at just day 21?  Pitiful.  In this great big world I am searching for experiences, opportunities, fun and I’m turning to cleaning my stove. Geez. Thankfully, after dinner something spectacular happened.  A fabulous first that provides a story of happiness and joy to my life and puts a smile on my face.  A memory that will last for years.

My youngest son, D, is 2 years old.  As was the case most evenings, he and I were playing in the living room.  On the floor a box was lying flat on the ground when he tried to stand on it.  It wasn’t very tall .. .perhaps two inches.  As he stood on it, he grasped my hands for balance.  Then he began saying in his primitive and childlike way, “Jump, Mommy. Jump.”  

As he continued to clutch my hands he bent his legs as I counted, “One.  Two.  Three.  Jump!”  D then scooted forward shifting his weight from his full foot to his toes.  One foot slid off the box.  D looked at me and smiled waiting to hear my praises.  I squealed, I clapped, I cheered.  Then D got back on the box and said, “Jump, Mommy. Jump.”  This time he had a new found confidence.  As I began my count, he squatted lower than previously.  “One.  Two.  Three.  Jump!”

He pushed up and forward with his legs.  Both feet left the box and he landed awkwardly in front of me.  He clearly jumped.  Then I heard him say “I did it!  I did it, Mommy!”  followed by an infectious precious laugh.  As I again squealed, clapped, and cheered, he wrapped his arms around my torso as far as they would reach and squeezed me so proud of his accomplishment.  

Today was more about his first than mine, but it was pretty amazing.


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