Menu searching – Day 20

The day almost slipped away from me.  It was 5 pm and I still had no plan for something new.  I began to get a bit worried.  Thankfully I was meeting some of my friends for dinner tonight.  I was certain I could find something on the menu that was unfamiliar and completely new to me.  Another food experience, but I was so happy it wasn’t a sweet after yesterday.  In fact, honestly I’m still feeling some effects from the all desserts challenge.  I know, TMI.

As we do monthly, my friends and I met at a local Mexican restaurant. I searched the menu for something really new.  Fajita nachos?  Sounds good, but not terribly unique.  Chicken soup – Mexican style?  Eh…not exciting enough.  Chicken?  Boring.  Pork?  Puh-leeze.  Crab Quesadilla?  Now we’re talking!

I ordered it without thinking twice.  Crab is such a mild flavor that I was curious how it would balance with the bold flavors I associate and love about Mexican cuisine.  The quesadilla was very routine looking.  No special cheeses or sauces on top.  You could see cheese, onion, and meat peeking out of the flour tortilla.  The crab looked very much like chicken cooked delicately.  I put just a little salsa with it to add some moisture.  It tasted good, but there was so much onion.  The onions were lightly grilled.  They were in large slices.  The onions overpowered the crab.  It was hard to even distinguish the crab flavor for all the onions.  It tasted good…. just more like an onion quesadilla than a crab one.

Would I order it again?  Only, if I can request it with a fraction of the onions or without the onions all together so I can enjoy the crab flavor.


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