Kids, don’t try this at home (Day 19)

If the cliche “you are what you eat” holds true, I should be super sweet.  Today’s first sounds like a dream for someone with a sweet tooth — or really bad eating habits.  I ate only desserts today.  That’s right…..breakfast:  cinnamon pecan twist with icing; lunch: cake with potato chips (I totally count chips as dessert); dinner was a ho ho and ice cream; snacks:  cookies.  No other food allowed today.  I imagine if I had undertaken this challenge when I was 10, I would have enjoyed it more because my body didn’t betray me quite as often as it does now.  

I do not suggest this challenge.  Sure, everything tasted good going down but afterward I felt the effects.  This wasn’t really surprising, but it was disappointing.  I wish I could eat cake, ice cream, and other sweets and feel great with loads of energy, but it just doesn’t work that way.  I stayed hungry pretty much all day and was exhausted by midday.  I would eat, get a burst of energy, and then crash. Again, I wasn’t really surprised by this as I am a firm believer in the impact of nutrition, but that doesn’t mean I was happy about it.  It was a strange feeling to eat and feel food in my stomach but still be hungry.  I craved veggies.  I will be glad to eat normally tomorrow.  

Lesson learned today:  everything in moderation is good; anything in excess is not fulfilling.


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