In the Name of Health – Day 17

For quite a while I’ve heard all about the merits and benefits of probiotics.  It’s as if they are a superhero in a pill.  Last summer my youngest child, D, dealt with chronic skin infections.  It was one after the other and it was horrific….like diaper rash on meth.  Our pediatrician recommended giving him a daily probiotic to help his body fend off these infections and tolerate the antibiotic he had to be on for them.  She gave us samples of a berry flavored chewable tablet called ReZyst.  They were amazing.  It helped ease the strain on his gut with all the antibiotics and the skin infections — with the help of other measures — finally got under control.

D hates taking medication, but because it was chewable I could smash it up and hide it in his oatmeal, applesauce, or juice.  He never knew the difference.  After his skin normalized, I became forgetful about giving him the probiotics until eventually I just stopped giving them to him altogether.  However, with him feeling under the weather so much this week, I followed the advice of my brother and started giving them to D again.  Of course, I felt horribly last week.  Moreover, I’m a teacher so I work in a pool of germs.  Therefore, I decided I should try taking them, also.

So it was decided.  Taking a probiotic would be my first for today.  Being a chewable and advertising its berry flavor, I expected the pill to taste decently.  I was unpleasantly surprised.  It tasted like berry flavored chalk filled with artificial sweetners.  In fact, I’m pretty convinced these things help your stomach simply because they are so disgusting that nobody consumes anything but water after ingesting the vile tablets so your digestive tract becomes flushed.

The things we do in the name of health….and in the name of a yearlong challenge.  Day 17 – check.


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