Day 14 — This could be the best one yet.

Today’s first could have been the most fun yet.  I knew I wanted to engage in a random and anonymous act of kindness.  I had a plan…..but it didn’t work out like I thought.  I intended to go through a drive-thru and pay for the order of the person behind me.  I didn’t get to the drive-thru until late — maybe 7:30 or so.  This isn’t exactly rush hour — especially in a small town like mine.  I drove around to the various fast food restaurants…nobody in line.  So I figured I would wait.  And wait.  And wait.  I waited just short of the microphone of Taco Bell’s drive thru for close to five minutes.  Are you picturing this?  I’m pretty sure people in the vicinity that could see my car just sitting there were ready to call the police to warn them of some freaky stalker sitting in the drive thru lane of Taco Bell.

This plan was a bust.  Time for Plan B.  I drove to the grocery store deciding I would pay for the groceries of the person behind me. Guess what?  People apparently don’t do much grocery shopping on a Tuesday night at 7:45.  Another problem I didn’t consider before moving to Plan B:  you can’t pay for groceries anonymously.  In fact, it has to be pretty obvious because you’re going to wait for the person behind you to be rung up then pay for it.  Can we say, awkward?!

So I began racking my brain for a Plan C.  I remembered a blog I read recently about a woman who spent her 35th birthday performing 35 acts of kindness.  One of the things she did was hide $1 bills in the toy section of a dollar store.  Perfect!  I had 5 $1 bills and a plan.  

You’d think that someone who sets out to do good deeds wouldn’t feel nervous and secretive, but I did.  I totally felt like someone who was trying to shoplift.  I was trying to get away with something without getting caught. It was fun.  First, I went to the food aisles.  I just heard a story of a woman this weekend who was nearly homeless and hungry.  She had $5 to feed her family for a week so she went to the dollar store to purchase groceries.  Therefore, I left some of the money in the food aisles near what I assume would be staples for a family in they were in a similar situation.  The rest of the money I hid in the toy aisle.  I placed each bill under a box or behind a package, etc.  I’ve included a picture to show one I hid.  I didn’t want it to be obvious.  I wanted to make it so a little child picking up a toy to play with it would be the only one likely to find it.  

I hid the last dollar and hurried out the door with a sly smile on my face.  Day 14 — a definite success.Image


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