Day 13 — fort building and an update

Time to update.  If you will recall, on the 10th I started a new book.  It was called The Lottery Rose.  I finished it today.  Like I mentioned earlier, it is an easy read in the sense that the story moves and flows so you get through the material quickly.  However, that is not to be confused with easy read as in lighthearted.  This was definitely not lighthearted.  I once heard a veteran teacher say students should only read books that make you laugh or make you cry.  This is certainly the later.  A great story which I think should be read by anyone who works with or spends time with children, however it is heartwrenching.

As for yesterday’s attempt at crockpot oatmeal…..there was a bit of a mishap.  My oldest son got up and ate the oatmeal (he said it was a bit bland).  My toddler was under the weather so I stayed at home with him.  We slept until 8:30 this morning (that may be a first, too) — more than two hours past the time the oatmeal was done cooking.  And my oldest forgot to turn off the crock pot so it was terribly overcooked and somewhat dried out when I got to try it.  Wish I could say this is an unusual occurrence in my house, but no.  I did try it.  I loved the apples in it.  The were so tender and warm — it really hit the spot on a cool January morning and I can’t begin to express how much I loved not having to do anything other than spoon it into a bowl.  But my oldest is right, it is quite bland compared to the packaged oatmeal we are used to.  I think it would be wonderful to drizzle some maple syrup or honey on it once in a bowl.

Now….as for today’s challenge.  As mentioned previously, my toddler and I spent the day at home together due to his stomach bug.  After the 5th hour of children’s shows, I had enough.  Typically, he doesn’t watch that much tv in a day, but he was sick so I was a total pushover.  In any event, I was sick of tv and I wanted him to cuddle and let me read to him, or sing to him, or even just play with his toys.  I turned off the television (with much crying, whining, and tantrum holding) and moved the chairs into the center of the living room.  I raided the linen closet of blankets, sheets, and pillows.  I created us a hideaway fort in the middle of the living room.  I placed books, pillows, and a snack inside.  

I’m sure youre thinking, “She messed up today.  There’s no way she hasn’t built a blanket fort before.” and you’d be right.  I have built a blanket fort before, but I claim this on a technicality.  It’s been so long that I think we can qualify it…plus, I’ve never built a fort with my youngest son.  

Lying under those blankets, resting on a pillow, reading to my baby, I looked around me and remembered how much I enjoyed doing this as a child.  There’s something really comforting and cozy about settling into a space that’s closed off from the world.  You can sit in a place that you’ve known your whole life and feel like it’s new and extraordinary.  That’s really what I’m looking for in this year long experience, as well.


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